Shipping Time for New International Subscribers

For international subscribers, your package should arrive within 12 business days from the day shipped and will only update as far as clearing customs in your country. Please keep in mind, due to potential customs delays, it might take longer and we request that you allow until this date for your crate to arrive.

The first crate for International subscribers will come later than subsequent crates, especially if you sign-up late in the crate month.

We do ship International crates first to be delivered as close to everyone as possible, but can't do that in the first month, especially late in crate month.

Customs, International postal delays, and other factors come into play and International packages will always take longer. After your first month, because we now know you're a subscriber who needs to ship out earlier, we make sure to do so.

We are actively working on ways to improve this without increasing International pricing. It may seem like this is impacting a very large amount of people, but we have almost half a million subscribers and grow big every month. This doesn't mean it's not important to us, we just want people to have perspective that seems like many are having issues however it is a very small percentage of a percentage.

Operations and logistics teams are going through different scenarios to solve, or at the very least, communicate this better. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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