Care Advice for Screen Printed Items

Screen printed t-shirts have a print that can last for years, since the ink becomes a part of the garment, not just imprinted on them. However, it is recommended that you treat your screen printed garments with care to ensure the print quality.

  1. Always wash your garments inside-out with a mild detergent.
  2. For the first 2 washes, wash by hand in cold water.
  3. Use low temperature wash cycle program only.
  4. If possible, avoid drying your screen printed t-shirts in a dryer, as this type of drying can damage the screen printing. Instead, air dry the shirts to retain the imprinting.
  5. Iron your screen printed garments inside-out. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the imprint.
  6. When washing light colored garments, the imprint may fade a little. When washing garments on high temperature (and yes, 105 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot), the possibility of imprint/garment fading increases.
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